CAIRNDHU HOUSE, near Larne, County Antrim, was built for in 1878 but it stopped being a family home in 1950 when it became a convalescent hospital. Unfortunately due to funding issues it closed in 1986 and has fallen into a state of dereliction. As usual there are plenty of local stories about this property but I have to say I saw nothing unusual when I visited in 2020. Entry to this property is very easy as there is a big hole in the fence and lots of people walk around the grounds. Personally I would not venture too far into this building as the stair case and the ceilings are falling down in places - it is definitely not safe! It is a shame that this building has not been renovated as it has some very interesting architecture.
All photos were captured with a Fujifilm X-H1 camera and 16mm 1.4 lens. Some post processing was done in Capture One and Nik Software.

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