Cranny Falls (Close-up), Carnlough, Northern Ireland

There is one thing I love to photograph and that is a good waterfall. This time I returned to the Cranny Falls at Carnlough on the Antrim Coast. A few years back I had visited the falls but I was never that happy with the images I captured that day - I had forgotten to turn off image stabilisation when I was using a tripod and it had affected the sharpness of my images. This time I didn't make that mistake. However, on the long walk up to the falls I noticed a sign saying the falls were not accessible due to a rock fall. We decided to keep going and even though the path was shut we were able to get to see the falls once we passed the small rock that was lying on the path ... was this the rock fall? Who knows but it was worth visiting again.
As can be seen from the images Cranny Falls is located in a narrow, steep-sided wooded ravine. This ravine is shaded by the surrounding woodland which provides a cool and humid environment for ferns, mosses and liverworts to thrive in. 
All images were captured with the Fujifilm x-h1 camera and the 10-24mm f4 lens.​​​​​​​

Cranny Falls (Wide), Carnlough, Northern Ireland

Cranny Falls (Framed), Carnlough, Northern Ireland

Cranny Falls (Even Wider), Carnlough, Northern Ireland

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