When I capture an image it always brings my memory back to a moment and time. Here are some of my favourite images that I've captured over the past 5 years. I've taken many more images but for some reason the images below cause me to take a second (third, fourth etc.) glance at them.
The Cobbled Path, Carrickfergus Castle, County Antrim
Carrickfergus Castle is situated in the town of Carrickfergus and is one the best kept Norman castles in Ireland. I live fairly close to Carrickfergus and I always enjoy walking around this area. This image of the shadows of the railings on the cobbled path with the castle in the background just caught my eye and I feel the sepia toning helps add the atmosphere to this image.
Winter Fall, Crumlin Glen, County Antrim
Crumlin Glen has been formed by the Crumlin river, originating from Lough Neagh, carving out a deep but short glen and as a result a waterfall has formed. On a cold and frosty Winters morning I decided to explore Crumlin Glen. As you approach you can hear the sound of the water and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the falls. There was a tree trunk that had been washed downstream and it was glistening with the overnight frost. This was the image I captured using a long exposure to smooth the movement in the fast flowing water. 
Early Morning at Murlough Bay, County Down
Murlough National Nature Reserve is a very old sand dune area of special interest and is a very popular place for walking and bird watching particularly due to it's location at the edge of Dundrum Bay and the Mourne Mountains. I captured this image on a very sunny morning and this scene caught my attention. The sun was breaking through the clouds over the Mourne Mountains and two couples were walking along the shoreline.  I feel the sepia toning on this image just adds another dimension to the weather conditions.
The Castle Walk, Antrim Castle Gardens, County Antrim
Antrim Castle Gardens are located in the town of Antrim in Northern Ireland and they have to be one of my favourite places to go. Unfortunately there are only castle ruins here but a restoration project has brought back the glory of the 400 year old gardens and opened them up to a new generation. This image was captured late in the afternoon and I feel it tells the story about how families just love this place for it's walks.  The reflections in the Sixmile river just add to the overall beauty of this place.

The Roller-coaster Of Fear, Tayto Park, Dublin
Tayto Park in Dublin is a great place to go for a family day and one of the attractions is this roller-coaster, Ireland's first roller-coaster and Europe's largest wooden roller-coaster with an inversion. This roller-coaster has been named after the mythical character Cú Chulainn, a fierce fighter who defended Ulster. When I visited Tayto Park the roller-coaster stood out for me with the angry clouds behind it and I waited until I heard the next wave of screaming.
My Precious, Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo is another favourite place of mine to visit and what makes this Zoo so wonderful is how close you can get to the animals. The standards are high here and the animals are happy and very well looked after. So much so that I wonder if this Chimp has watched Lord Of The Rings on his own TV as he does a very good impression of Gollum albeit with a good coat of fur.
A Hidden Gem, Gleno, County Antrim
Glenoe (or Gleno) waterfall is hidden away amidst trees on the Waterfall Road which leads into Gleno village. This is another place that local people and photographers visit due to it's beauty.  It's very popular in the summer where people bathe under the falls. I captured this image in Autumn but what caught my eye was the moss growing on the rocks.  Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle simply because it gets loads of rain which means the scenery is very green. Just like an emerald Glenoe waterfall is truly a hidden gem.

Watching You, Watching Me
Close-up image of a Bird of Prey. This bird just starred at me the whole time but stayed nice and still allowing me to get lovely feather detail. This image was captured using the Olympus E-M5 Mark I which just shows you that an older camera is still capable of capturing a sharp image which can easily be resized using the right software.

In Full Bloom
Close-up image of a flower probably an Aster - sorry I just can't remember. This flower was a very vivid blue and the pollen really stood out but I wanted to have a more monochrome look and so applied a selenium tone. This is probably when I first started to experiment with toned black & white.
Changing Weather at Newcastle, County Down
When this photograph was captured at Newcastle seafront it was raining, and I was walking my dog, but suddenly the sun rays came bursting through the clouds that covered the Mourne Mountains. This scene only lasted for just a few seconds before the rain stopped. Thankfully I was able to capture this image at just the right time.​​​​​​​
Cracking Up, Valentia Island Lighthouse, County Kerry
Valentia Island Lighthouse is located on Cromwell Point in County Kerry, Ireland. Built over a hundred years ago, this white painted lighthouse looks out across the dramatic scenery along the Wild Atlantic Way. When I visited back in 2013 there were a few noticeable cracks in the stone work and that's what I set out to capture in this image. 
Gone Fishing, Carrickfergus Harbour, County Antrim
Carrickfergus is a coastal town located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and it's home to one of the best kept Norman castles in Ireland. However, there is also a harbour here and when I was waiting for a Red Arrow fly pass for VJ Day in 2020 I spotted this image of a man and his son fishing. You will see an abandoned Radar Tower beside them and in the background is Belfast Lough. The Radar Tower was primarily used to monitor shipping arrivals and departures in Belfast Lough until around 1990.
Loved No More, Cairndhu House, County Antrim
Cairndhu House near Larne, County Antrim was built in 1878 and then abandoned in 1986. This building has some lovely architecture and I captured this image at the gate looking up to the house. Someone has inscribed their names on the tree trunk and I thought this would be an interesting composition along with the moody sky. 

Mr Hungry, Dublin Zoo, Ireland
Dublin Zoo is located in Phoenix Park, Dublin and is a fantastic place to visit, not just because they care for the animals so well, but also because you can get close to them. The orangutan's have their own island but they can also climb up to a rope which crosses right over the heads of everyone below. This image is of the large male Orangutan when he was eating some fruit and you can see the detail on his skin and fur.
This is just a sample of my images. Part 2 is to follow.

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